Need a new server, rack space or even your own private datacenter? The sales departments of the OCOM brands stand ready to consult all (prospective) customers in getting the right solution for the right price.

Account Management and New Business Development
Account Managers and New Business Developers work side by side to ensure all OCOM brands grow exponentially. This means building and maintaining relationships with the biggest corporations in the world, helping and consulting them to reach their audience. Of course OCOM supplies all the tools needed to close the deal.

Once a sale has been made, it’s time to physically install the servers in our datacenters. The facility/provisioning engineers connect the racks with each other, making sure everything works correctly according to certifications. The end result is the beating heart of the internet, with tens of thousands of servers processing valuable information.

Sales Support
The glue between the sales team and the facility/provisioning teams. Sales Support is fully responsible for enhancing and retaining customers. This includes tasks such as booking orders from account managers, deployment of CIS servers, webhosting & domain and much more. In addition the people of Sales Support are also responsible for everything that involves customer satisfaction.

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